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G.I. Fittings

We have a variety of range in GI fittings that are extensively used in varied construction projects. These are offered by us in different lengths and diameters. We have GI fittings of various brands and ISI makes also.
Ball Valves

Ball valves are most widely used valves in the world. Main advantages over needle valve are

1. Ball Valves give full flow in open position.
2. No throttling or pressure drop across the valve.
3. Useful even for high-density fluid.
4. Contaminated particles does not affect the flow.
Gate Valves Check Valves G.I. Bend
G.I. Flanges G.I. Tee G.I. Nipple

C.I. Sluice Valve C.I. Coupling/Collar G.I. Union

G.I. Cello C.I. Tail Fish C.I. Point (Cone)